The Best Christmas Sandwiches: A Not So Definitive Guide

It's getting close to the time of year where every lunch involves a Christmas sambo, but which one is the best?
Let's find out

1. Pret a manger

Pret a manger

The sandwich as they put it:

The now  iconic Pret Christmas sandwich marries thick slices of free-range Lincolnshire turkey breast with a sausage, sage & apricot stuffing, crispy onions, cranberry& port sauce and fresh baby spinach

The reality:

While crispy onions are always a plus, who puts apricots ina sandwich? I mean come on folks.

2. Sainsburys


The sandwich as they put it:

Packed full of scrumptious Christmas Day leftovers, this is the ultimate hearty Boxing Day feast! Mellow, mature cheddar hand-made the traditional way with succulent British oak-smoked shredded ham, creamy coleslaw, smoked British turkey breast and savoury stuffing on soft malted bread.

The reality:

When have you ever heard of someone either using OR EVEN HAVING coleslaw in their house on Boxing day? Cheese and ham, yes. But coleslaw?


3. Marks & Spencers

Marks & Spencers

The sandwich as they put it:

Roast British turkey breast with pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry chutney, smoked British sausage and mayo on brown bread

The reality:

A slow hand clap builds for this beauty of a sandwich. You can never underestimate a good deal from Marksies and throwing in a few sausages always helps.

(By the way, if you fancy saving a bit on Xmas shopping this year, you can blag an early deal with a promotional code for Marks and Spencers)

4. EATs Full Works Baguette

EATs Full Works Baguette

The sandwich as they put it:

Turkey sliced, smoked ham, sage & onion stuffing, reduced fat mayonnaise, Cranberry sauce, Rocket baguette

The reality: 

“Merry Christmas everyone! Now let’s tuck in to our baguettes” said no one ever in the history of the world.

I will admit the cheese is nice though.

5. Gregg’s


The sandwich as they put it:

A lavish feast of turkey breast, bacon, cheese and cranberry sauce

The reality:

While you can always depend on Greggs for a last ditch sausage roll to tide you over, the sandwich is a big disappointment with very dry bread.

6. Boots


The sandwich as they put it:

Turkey, pork sage and onion stuffing, bacon, cranberry sauce,spinach and mayo coming together for another of your Christmas favourites.

The Reality:

Spinach in a Christmas sandwich? You must be having a laugh!

7. Costa Christmas Toastie

Costa Christmas Toastie

The sandwich as they put it:

British turkey, cranberry sauce, pork & sage stuffing on sweet cured bacon on cheese and cranberry topped bread.

The reality:

There is something just inherently wrong with toasting cranberry sauce in a panini press. It’s there to keep things cool and sweet: not hot and tongue blister inducing.

8. Tesco’s Chocolate & Cherry

Tesco’s Chocolate & Cherry

The sandwich as they put it:

Glace cherries, chocolate spread and mascarpone cheese squashed between two slices of cinnamon bread.

The reality:

If I wanted a child’s sandwich, I would’ve asked my niece to throw some Nutella in between a few hunks of bread and called it a day.

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