The Best Bars In Brighton

Brighton is amazing for a night out so we thought we would narrow down the best bars to visit when you come to the best seaside town in the UK.

1. Prince Albert – Near Brighton Train Station

Prince Albert – Near Brighton Train Station

The pub is a stand out. There is a mural painted on the front of the pub with the owners favourite music stars past and present. It has a lot of food and drink on offer but it’s main purpose is to promote music of all kinds – a great place to hangout and enjoy. 

2. Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar Last Minute

It might have an unusual name (which it won an award for) but the pub is dedicated to promoting local bands and it’s also a fantastic place to hear live music.

 P.S. the pizzas are awesome too.  

3. Hope and Ruin

Hope and Ruin

The Hope and Ruin (previous named The Hope) is a great venue for live music, good beer and various acoustic events. Mirrored on the bars of Eastern Europe its definitely worth a visit. The likes of The Strokes and George Ezra have said to have visited the venue on occasion. 

4. The Mesmerist

The Mesmerist

This cool bar has mixed décor which is inspired from as far back as the 1930s. Another live music venue that has various bands on show throughout the week. Entry is also free.

See, Brighton’s nightlife scene is alive and well. Our seaside town has passion for live music and there is no better place to check some of our bands out than in our niche bars and pubs dotted around the place. 

Prince Albert Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar Hope and Ruin The Mesmerist