Best Pubs In Portsmouth

Portsmouth has a rich history of local pubs and ale houses. Let’s find out some of the best pubs you need to visit when you’re down in this part of the country.

1. Brewhouse & Kitchen

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Situated in the centre of Portsmouth, this pub is a great place to come and enjoy real ales while sampling some great local food too.  

2. The Dolphin

The Dolphin

This is one of the oldest and most popular “old man” pubs in the city. Sample lots of good beer, banter and the overall typical pub experience at The Dolphin. 

3. Abarbistro


Situated at camber dock, this is the place to come to enjoy a nice glass of wine after a long day at work. Small bites and meal deals are on offer here too. Furthermore, take in the British summer in the private garden at the bar of the bar. 

4. Still & West

Still & West

One of the most popular pubs in Portsmouth is the Still& West. This pub has fantastic views of the local harbour, where you can sit back and chill out and view the ships coming and going from Portsmouth.Inside, the pub pays tribute to its shipping routes with nautical décor. 

5. Spice Island Inn

Spice Island Inn

This pub is another with great views of Portsmouth Harbour.Kick back and relax and lose yourself in the scenery in which this pub offers. 

Visiting Portsmouth for a day or for a week, take in the great delights that we have the place has to offer and this includes the iconic pubs around the harbour and further afield. 

Brewhouse & Kitchen