5 Things We Learned @ Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE

We went to the Afro Hair & Beauty event at The Business Design Centre. Here's 5 things we learned about looking after how to look after your hair.

1. Looking after Afros is hard

Looking after Afros is hard

So being able to tame an afro is really hard work. I was blown away by the sheer number of products out there that help look after hair that is extremely curly. 

To be honest it made me super jealous that I can't get curls so good.

2. You can get permanently straight hair

You can get permanently straight hair

I watched the Chris Rock documentary Good Hair a few years and found out that it can take a look of relaxer and cream to help give afro-style hair a very straight long.

One solution to help give women flawless hair is permanent hair straightening which helps hair stay smooth without causing the damage that having to use straighteners at home every day can.

3. Hair dye takes time to settles

Hair dye takes time to settles

So when you dye your hair you usually think that the timer on the instructions is just how long it takes for the colour to settles in.

Speaking to one stylist at the event, I found out that dye for afro hair doesn't take as easily because the hair can be harder to handle. 

As a rule of thumb, many stylists have what they call the "two week window" which they see if a colour will take and stay before working anymore on someone's do.

4. Afros were once a spectacle

Afros were once a spectacle

Here's a fun historic fact I never knew: Afros were a big attraction in the 1860s.

PT Barnum (famous for creating his own circus) used to have women make their hair in to afros because it was such an exotic thing at the time.

It was white women who would have their hair done this way and actually marketed as a sideshow attraction.

5. The event has been going since the 80s

The event has been going since the 80s

I went along to the exhibition with a friend, having never known that the show had been going since 1986.

Apparently it was the first major showcase for African hair & beauty in the UK and helped open doors for hair products to go from something bought in a specialist shop to being something young people in Britain could easily find on a shelf on the high street.

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