5 Secrets of Southampton Part 2

With there being so much to do in the city, we’re back with 5 Secrets of Southampton. You never quite know how great this place is until you visit. Let’s find out where you need to go when in the South East.

1. Netley Abbey

Netley Abbey

Netley Abbey is one of the stand out cultural attractions in Southampton. The medieval monastery was established in 1239 as a base for Catholic monks. Get involved and see the beauty of this spot for yourself. 

2. Mayflower Theatre

Mayflower Theatre

Sample something different at the Mayflower Theatre. Home to various theatre shows in the city, you won’t be disappointed. 

3. Southampton Common

Southampton Common http://www.heliphoto.biz/

If you want to relax during the summer months, experience it at Southampton Common. The green space is ideal for a walk with the family or even a picnic. One of the secrets of the city. 

4. Itchen Valley Country Park

Itchen Valley Country Park https://walkingdi.files.wordpress.com/

Another secret of Southampton is the Itchen Valley CountryPark. Endless space for walks, hiking and biking, it’s a great day out for allthe family. 

5. Royal Victoria Country Park

Royal Victoria Country Park

This is another spot which is great in the summer. If youwant to have a BBQ you can hire everything you need from the good people at theRoyal Victoria.

Southampton has everything you could want when visiting this part of the country, wildlife, scenery and everything else in between. Do something different; take time out in the South East in Southampton this year. 

Netley Abbey Mayflower Theatre Southampton Common Itchen Valley Country Park Royal Victoria Country Park